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New Focus for Marketing Analytics: Lead Targeting

For the past 15 years, retailers, banks, non-profit, catalog companies and many other B2C businesses have spent the bulk of their marketing budget on new customer acquisition. On the flip side, vendors have tried to convince them that they should be focusing their analytic efforts on existing customers in order to cross-sell, up-sell or prevent them from churning. These efforts have had limited success for the past 10 years. Whether vendors or companies are on the wrong path is not my point here, instead I want to explore how we can help companies with their primary pain points, namely:

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The Basic Principles of Predictive Analytics

In common practice, statistical models are created by data scientists who use a very general language to select among a number of modeling packages. Languages grow in the number of features and the number of potential modeling packages is open ended. As the technology grows, the conceptual distance between the data scientist and the business end user will also tend to grow. Yet, the desire of the client to receive actionable information in a plain and intuitive way will always remain the same.

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Yahoo! Veteran Joins Reach Analytics as Vice President of Engineering

Chandra Pisupati is joining the company as Vice President of Engineering to lead its Cloud application development. Bringing to this position more than 20 years of software development experience and nearly 15 years in development management, Chandra will play a key role in our growth. Chandra most recently worked as Director of Cloud Engineering with …

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