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INTERVIEW: 100 Tips For Customer Acquisition! (Ok, So Not 100)

Last month, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) held their 2016 Marketing Analytics Conference in Austin, TX where they brought together marketers and data scientists to connect and share strategies for improving contact points with customers. After the event, Reach Analytics CEO Bruno Delahaye sat down with conference organizer Marni Edelhard, Director of Content at Momentum …

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What To Avoid When Looking For List Rentals

Successful list rental for customer acquisition programs relies on trying to find lists that match your current best customers. This can be difficult, so what exactly are your options? Single-sourced vs. Multi-sourced Lists Single-sourced list rentals are like they sound. They’re based on a single source of information, e.g. phonebooks, voter registration lists, or property …

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Informative Customer Profile in Minutes

Having a strong understanding of who your customers are (customer profiling) is the central element in any marketing effort. Indeed regardless of whether marketers focus on more strategic activities like company positioning or defining target markets, or whether there are looking at more tactical approaches like marketing campaign design and execution, the first thing any …

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