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The VCR Is Dead, But Video Is Fast Forwarding

  The last remaining VCR manufacturer ended production last month, signaling the end of the Be Kind, Rewind Era. To be honest, news that VCRs were still on assembly lines past the century mark is shocking, especially with the rise in digital video viewers. Even more remarkable are the advances we are seeing this year with …

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9 Tips for Email Marketers Worth Repeating

  Despite new marketing channels, like Instagram or Snapchat, email remains a great marketing tool. It’s fairly low-cost, highly measurable and provides swift feedback on your audience. These traits have made it a resilient channel in the face of emerging options. Despite its power and popularity – and the many, many guides available – email …

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The Problem with Assumptions

  The federal government recently dropped the bombshell that the “effectiveness of flossing had never been researched.” Never… been… researched? You’re telling me that despite dentists brow-beating us for decades about the benefits of flossing, there was never any conclusive empirical evidence? For years, we’ve been following this belief that flossing our teeth was essential …

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