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Insurance for the Invisible Driver

Google’s self-driving car tests have logged more than two million miles and many other companies are following suit. General Motors has predicted that autonomous vehicles could be commonplace as soon as 2020. Driverless cars are no longer just a concept; they’re about to be a part of everyday life. Insurance companies face a much different …

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Inte Q Taps Reach Analytics to Advance Customer Acquisition

When it comes to brand loyalty, Inte Q – a loyalty marketing agency – has it on lock. Their loyalty programs, CRM, and paid-tier marketing are employed by big names across multiple verticals – including Adidas, Reebok, Eileen Fisher, Complete Nutrition, Pep Boys and more. The agency is known for exceptional talent in consumer profiling …

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The State of Retail: Know Thy Customer

Retail seems to be taking a beating. For many companies foot traffic – and earnings – are in decline. The health of the US department stores and malls are “wavering between merely unwell to terminally ill,” depending on who you ask. Revenue from e-commerce is steadily increasing but can’t yet fill the gap created by …

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