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Boosting Marketing Campaigns With Data Integrity

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of response rates, but it also isn’t the cheapest. The most effective way to cut down on direct mail costs is to make sure that you’re mailing the right person at the right time.

How Clean Are Your Mailing Lists?

Unfortunately, marketing lists are not like fine wine, they don’t really get better with age. In fact, marketing lists can contain up to 30% ghost records with inaccurate, outdated or false data. That’s kind of scary, since it means that you’re still sending mailers to John Smith in California years after he’s relocated to Tampa.

Marketers have traditionally relied on the National Change of Address (NCOA) database, provided by United States Postal Service, to make sure that customers and prospects haven’t changed their mailing addresses, but it’s based on people filing a change-of-address card with the USPS and how good are you about keeping USPS up to date? Also, people submit false addresses and other errors in data can leave inaccuracies in NCOA-checked mailing lists.

Outdated addresses aren’t the only hazards of unclean marketing lists. “Fill-in” data, or falsified details that people give to surveys and other data-gathering tools, can also pollute databases. As a result, your database might tell you that a target consumer is a single renter when they’re actually a married homeowner, or that someone is unemployed when they’re actually retired.

Using an integrity process where names and addresses are systematically validated against multiple 3rd-party data sources is the best way to clean your data and to ensure that the current resident of a specific address is being targeted.

Poor Targeting Kills ROI

If a consumer doesn’t live at the address you have on file, then your marketing spend is being wasted. At Reach, we’ve tested and analyzed the performance of many hundreds of campaigns, and we know that ghost records (records with inaccurate, outdated or false data) perform poorly in campaigns. Ghost records drag down overall response rates and wash hard-won marketing dollars down the drain.

Eliminating incorrect and ghost records can help marketers save tens of thousands of dollars in printing, mailing, postage and other associated marketing expenses.

Reach Integrity

This is why we created the Reach Integrity check. Reach Integrity allows marketers to get the most out of every direct mail campaign by running over and above the standard NCOA processing to let marketers identify and suppress ghost records as well as fill-in data from mailing lists, quickly and more completely.

This proprietary solution quickly identifies people in acquisition or prospect mail files, lapsed buyer files and more that are unlikely to be at the associated address. Once identified, these records can be wiped from your campaign to significantly boost ROI.

Based on extensive testing and optimization, Reach’s smart-matching algorithm evaluates the input data against Reach’s pre-cleansed, proprietary database of billions of multi-sourced, third-party data points. Since our data is continually updated across a span of internal and third-party sources and regularly checked for integrity, we match at a higher rate with better precision. All you have to do to get started is upload your database into the Reach cloud platform, with name and address fields.

Once the check is complete, you can export your data and rest easy knowing that it has been cleaned and enriched back into your database, CRM or marketing engine of choice.

Clean Data Gets Better Response Rates

By removing bad records from mailings, marketers can save thousands of dollars in marketing costs per campaign, and are able to achieve lifts in overall response rates of 20-30% – significantly reducing cost-per-sale and increasing campaign ROI. Clients then re-invest those saved dollars in mailing higher-quality, more-responsive names or in other programs.

“Customers can achieve lifts in overall response rates of 20-30% by removing bad records from mailings.”

Reach Integrity has been developed and refined with leading national companies to achieve a consistent, repeatable process for reducing cost-per-sale and boosting ROI for any direct mail campaign, across industries.

For Example-

A 4 million random sample was analyzed for a client and showed that records with no integrity indexed at just 32% of the mailing’s average sales rate. This segment made up 24% of the mailing and only 8% of sales.

Another mailing of 1.2 million was analyzed and had only 77% integrity. By removing 23% of the list, the customer saved $123K of mailing costs. The cost-per-sale benchmark before Reach Integrity was $329 CPS and reduced to $279 CPS with Integrity.

Reach’s processing makes it easy to add Integrity to any outbound campaign, and with most files turned around within 48 hours, clients can reap the benefits of Integrity without worrying that it will interrupt their existing mail plans. By marrying the predictive power of response models with Integrity processing, Reach finds profitable or breakeven segments within the non-Integrity portion of your files.

This layered approach to targeting keeps more responsive names in client mailing lists and drops only those that are most likely to fall below your break-even target, maximizing ROI.

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