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Evaluating Marketing List Performance: The Implications of Merge-Purge

Say you want to run a customer acquisition campaign. You’ve done the song and dance before: you gather lists from various sources – filtered, univariate, modeled, etc – you put them into the system, and at some point you have to look at how much the lists overlap and give priorities – marketers call it …

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How To Improve Customer Acquisition with Multi-Touch Marketing Campaigns

How many times do you contact net-new prospects when you run a customer acquisition campaign? We’ve seen that marketers tend to choose one-touch campaigns when they run net-new prospecting. Yet, with over 25 years of net-new customer acquisition experience our data shows that net-new prospects respond better to multi-touch campaigns than they do to single-touch …

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Facebook Is Slipping. Use Predictive!

Last week, Facebook implemented changes to its ad targeting, making it more difficult for account managers, marketers and business owners to target the right audiences. This change, which was made to limit discrimination, saw the removal of more than 5,000 terms from Facebook’s demographic and interest selection data set, including the removal of filters related …

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Reach Analytics Adds The Fastest, Easiest Way To Maintain Your Marketing Database To Its Self-Service Predictive Marketing Cloud

This morning, we announced the launch of “Reach Integrity,” our innovative new data cleansing product, as well as significant updates to our best-in-class predictive cloud for brands, agencies, and not-for-profits. Adding Reach Integrity to our Predictive Cloud opens many doors for brands and agencies alike. Brand and agency marketers can now leverage Integrity’s highly accurate …

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The Predictive Marketer’s Dilemma: Customer Acquisition or Response Optimization?

Modern marketers know that predictive analytics fuels growth. Research shows that over $100 billion will be spent on AI and predictive globally, across all industries, by 2025, but how can marketers be sure they’re maximizing their campaign success with the right predictive strategy? What if your next best customer isn’t a ‘net-new’ prospect? It happens …

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Clickers vs Buyers: Using Predictive Marketing for Successful Digital Campaigns

Filtering and targeting can be extremely rough when you kick off your digital campaigns by putting a lot of waste into your campaign iterations, but campaigns don’t have to start out this way. Applying direct marketing-style principles can improve online advertising and help marketers paint a better picture of their customer profiles than they can …

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