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The ROI of Campaign Response Optimization with Predictive Marketing

As marketers, we often make the mistake of mailing too many people and often have difficulty determining how far down in our lists to market. It’s a question that we ask ourselves with every campaign, and the problem isn’t going away. Most campaigns have thin ROI margins to begin with making it far too easy …

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Transparency In Marketing Is Knowing Who You’re Reaching

Transparency in marketing means knowing who you’re communicating with. In a digital world, it’s easy to lose track of who you’re actually marketing to, as you drown in a sea of aggregate target audiences whom you’ve been told are your ideal prospects—but are they? When I think of problems in transparency, I’m reminded of Shutterfly’s …

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Boosting Marketing Campaigns With Data Integrity

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of response rates, but it also isn’t the cheapest. The most effective way to cut down on direct mail costs is to make sure that you’re mailing the right person at the right time. How Clean Are Your Mailing Lists? Unfortunately, marketing lists …

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Reach’s Cloud Predictive Marketing Grows Significantly in 2017

2017 was a big year for marketing AI. It was the year we lifted B2C predictive marketing into the cloud and the year both consumers and marketers really got a glimpse of the potential of marketing AI in general. We’ve seen predictions that AI will transform entire industries and we’ve been warned that it could …

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The Value of Predictive Targeting & Direct Mail

At Reach, we specialize in direct mail marketing and consumer targeting analysis. It’s what we do. One of the common problems in direct mail, like with many marketing tactics, is that senders aren’t accurate enough with their targeting to make campaigns successful. Mailing people unlikely to respond or make a purchase is very costly and …

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AI-Assisted Consumer Targeting 101 – Part 2: Segmenting, Wrangling and Modeling

It’s not news that modern sales and marketing teams are harnessing the power of predictive analytics and AI to stay competitive. Predictive modeling uses data to solve business problems and ensures that key insights about current and potential customers don’t go undetected. Predictive analytics is one of the hottest growth areas in marketing and many …

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