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The 2018 Predictive Marketing Landscape: From Manual to End-to-End Automation

Predictive analytics isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies these days. Brand marketers, at companies both big and small, are getting cozy with their data and are using it to their advantage. Yet, with so many variations in predictive analytics solutions, it’s more difficult than ever to discern which program is the best fit for your …

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Acquisition Modeling: Not Your Grandfather’s Modeling Approach

“How do I best spend my advertising dollars to maximize the success of my business?” This was the question asked by retail and advertising pioneer John Wanamaker, and it’s a question that has only grown more complex in the omni-channel, disintermediated, digital world. I began my career advertising in print media, radio and TV in …

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V12 Data Chooses Reach Analytics As Predictive Marketing Partner

After a rigorous analysis, we are excited to announce our partnership with V12 Data. An omnichannel data powerhouse and industry leader in automotive data, V12 Data chose Reach over multiple competitive vendors for their predictive marketing platform, white-labeled for V12 and their clients. V12 Data was looking to add to their predictive modeling system to …

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The ROI of Campaign Response Optimization with Predictive Marketing

As marketers, we often make the mistake of mailing too many people and often have difficulty determining how far down in our lists to market. It’s a question that we ask ourselves with every campaign, and the problem isn’t going away. Most campaigns have thin ROI margins to begin with making it far too easy …

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Transparency In Marketing Is Knowing Who You’re Reaching

Transparency in marketing means knowing who you’re communicating with. In a digital world, it’s easy to lose track of who you’re actually marketing to, as you drown in a sea of aggregate target audiences whom you’ve been told are your ideal prospects—but are they? When I think of problems in transparency, I’m reminded of Shutterfly’s …

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Boosting Marketing Campaigns With Data Integrity

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of response rates, but it also isn’t the cheapest. The most effective way to cut down on direct mail costs is to make sure that you’re mailing the right person at the right time. How Clean Are Your Mailing Lists? Unfortunately, marketing lists …

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