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Facebook Is Slipping. Use Predictive!

Last week, Facebook implemented changes to its ad targeting, making it more difficult for account managers, marketers and business owners to target the right audiences. This change, which was made to limit discrimination, saw the removal of more than 5,000 terms from Facebook’s demographic and interest selection data set, including the removal of filters related to income and net worth.

The change to Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities has made it especially difficult for brands who cater to specific target demographics – i.e. women age 25-35 who like eating junk food but don’t like getting cheese dust on their fingers – to come up with creative solutions around their new targeting limitations, as money spent on marketing to people outside of these target demographics is money wasted.

The Work-Around
In order to continue targeting audiences on Facebook, given its new targeting limitations, you are expected to use approximations. This, however, is part of the problem.

When we approximate or make guesses about our audiences, we are making assumptions that data rarely backs up. Targeting wealthy neighborhoods, trying to find common topics amongst your hundreds, if not thousands, of unique customers, using basic filters or generic models to cut down Facebook’s audience to just the right people is not profitable.

We’ve seen it again and again. When you make assumptions and use basic filtering to define your target audience, the profitability of your campaign tanks.

Finding New Tools
If making assumptions about your audience does not appeal to you, then your other option is to stop targeting your customers with Facebook and switch to a new tool. Companies like V12 Data, a provider of people-based marketing solutions, see Facebook slipping and are releasing products that pick up the slack.

These new tools allow brands and agencies to create audiences using their own data or third-party data for upload to Facebook for better targeting.

The Predictive Solution
Approximations, filters and generic models are substitutes for predictive modeling, which actually, scientifically finds you your best audience. Historically, real modeling has been extremely expensive and time consuming, and marketers have convinced themselves that using a handful of basic filters is just as good as building a predictive model, but it isn’t. Your performance sucks.

Enter: the Reach Predictive Marketing Cloud.

Now, you can do real predictive modeling to find your best audience on Facebook. Our advanced, self-service solution uses best-in-class AI to target your best audience and generate predictive profiles which help you identify and reach consumers who are most likely to become a customer and respond to your campaigns. The advantage to this is quick turnaround on scoring and targeting so that you can immediately apply data about existing and new customers to your next marketing campaigns.

The Reach Predictive Marketing Cloud is made specifically for brand and agency marketers, so that they can get all of the benefits of ultra-fast, scalable predictive marketing – best-in-class wrangling, algorithmic modeling, visual reporting, transparent lists – without the overhead of a large data team or the added cost and hassle of installing a customer predictive analytics platform.

You can get started in minutes. Start using ultra-fast predictive marketing to improve your Facebook ad targeting and start optimizing your campaigns to save money and create better ROI.

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