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More Brands On Board for Automated, Cloud-based Predictive Marketing

Brands that want to go after net-new customers recognize the impact of predictive marketing, customer profiling, and customer acquisition on their success. This couldn’t be more evident as Reach Analytics experiences a growing number of companies looking to its automated predictive platform.

One financial brand, Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A., a full-service community bank with more than 125 years in business, joins other brands engaging Reach’s predictive marketing platform. In the wake of a scandal involving a major big bank, whose new account openings are plunging, Middlesex Federal is using Reach Analytics to help them improve their ability to target prospects that may be considering switching from a big bank environment.

Reach’s platform is designed for brands and new customer acquisition. It lets consumer marketers, for the first time, uncover insights about their customers and find prospects – faster, easier and more accurately than previously possible. This gives brands something they’ve never had access to before: the ability to create predictive profiles in real-time, without needing to wrangle data and/or involve data managers or data scientists.

Check out the official release for more details and get your own free trial to see how it works.