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Reach Analytics Adds The Fastest, Easiest Way To Maintain Your Marketing Database To Its Self-Service Predictive Marketing Cloud

This morning, we announced the launch of “Reach Integrity,” our innovative new data cleansing product, as well as significant updates to our best-in-class predictive cloud for brands, agencies, and not-for-profits.

Adding Reach Integrity to our Predictive Cloud opens many doors for brands and agencies alike. Brand and agency marketers can now leverage Integrity’s highly accurate data to make sure that they are targeting the right consumers and not wasting marketing efforts on bad names.

The Integrity check was designed specifically for marketers, to help them fight against ghost records – records with inaccurate, outdated or false data. There can be upwards of 30% ghost records in your marketing lists, which can seriously bring down a campaign’s ROI. When a person on your list doesn’t live at the address that you have listed in your marketing file, the money that you spend marketing to them at that old address is wasted. Reach Integrity was designed to prevent this wastage, without involving large data science teams, and instead giving marketers an easy, one-click way to run a data check.

About Reach Integrity

  • Reach Integrity checks for database integrity, running above and beyond the standard National Change of Address (NCOA) processing, letting marketers identify and suppress ghost records and fill-in data from mailing lists, quickly and more completely.
  • It’s a proprietary solution integrated into the Reach Predictive Cloud that quickly identifies people in acquisition or prospect mail files, lapsed buyer files or prior subscriber files, or older contact lists that are likely to not be at the associated address.
  • Once identified, these records can be eliminated from your campaign to significantly boost ROi.
  • Ensures clean data and the best results out of every marketing campaign.
  • Our CEO, Bruno, said:

    ”After Years of testing records integrity and analyzing the performance of hundreds of campaign, we know that ghost records perform poorly. Bad data drags down overall response rates and throws hard-won marketing dollars out the window.”

    Alongside Integrity, we have launched other exciting new features to greatly enhance the Reach Predictive Cloud experience for our customers. Now, you can apply additional filters (income range, age, marital status, presence of children in household, homeowner status, geography) or suppression lists to your list order, select your favorite charts and graphs to create a Custom Report, and more. To see a full list of our new features, click here.

    On these new features, our VP of Engineering, Chandra, says:

    “As a company, Reach is really focused on providing a user experience specifically for marketers that provides them powerful solutions and is easy to use. We’re excited to deliver this new best-in-class database integrity check process along with a group of great enhancements that our users have been asking for, and are going to love, as it improves their workflow day-to-day.”

    The addition of Integrity alongside other updates enables marketers to increase engagement rates with prospects and customers. The new features strengthen the platform’s existing look-alike and response modeling capabilities, giving marketers peace-of-mind that their customer data is up-to-date and they’re getting the very best results for campaigns using optimal campaign targeting.

    Designed specifically for marketers in customer acquisition and retention, the Reach analytics predictive marketing platform lets consumer marketers uncover insights about their customers and find prospects faster, easier and more accurately than ever before.

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