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Reach Analytics Announces New Total Addressable Market (TAM) Functionality to Predictive Cloud Platform

Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or checking out a new sales region, knowing your total addressable market (TAM) is critical to your success. Not only do you want to assess a suitable market, but you also want to identify a market with growth potential. In other words, you need to find the greatest revenue opportunity available for your product or service.

As important as finding the TAM is for your company, few brands have actually nailed it. That’s because, before now, marketers had to rely on information dumps from outdated directories or their own painstaking research on competitors. Fortunately, the Reach Analytics predictive cloud platform now includes a TAM feature to help marketers create and execute brilliant sales and marketing strategies – faster, with more accuracy, and with timely data.

The new TAM functionality is designed to help users:

  • Assess their market size
  • Build smart lists with lookalike modeling
  • Buy filtered lists

Reach’s predictive cloud platform assists marketers in finding their TAM by fine-tuning filters. Then, marketers can order filtered marketing lists or create smart lists by building Look Alike models to target consumers who are most likely to convert to customers.

The predictive platform eliminates the need for in-house research and delivers market information in mere minutes, speeding the development and launch of time-sensitive campaigns – and the discovery of valuable buyer markets.

You can request a demo to see the new TAM feature in action.