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Reach Analytics Launches New Response Modeling Features

At Reach Analytics, we’re heading into Spring with a bang by announcing brand new response modeling capabilities for our predictive marketing platform. The new features are now live and available for use by marketers to increase their campaign response rates.

The reach predictive platform is the first offering in the market to give consumer-facing marketers a transparent, self-service Saas solution that automates the entire predictive marketing process end-to-end: from data wrangling, algorithmic modeling, profile reporting,  scoring, to exporting top prospects.

The addition of response modeling means that marketers can now quickly identify people who are most likely to respond positively to campaigns. The new features work hand-in-hand with the platform’s existing look-alike modeling capabilities, which are used for net-new customer acquisition.

Response modeling with the Reach Analytics platform gives marketers:

  • Professional-grade response models in real-time, based on past campaign results and 3rd-party data.
  • Robust responder profiles that identify distinct characteristics between campaign responders and non-responders.
  • Database scoring for creating targeted campaigns for any stage of the customer journey.

The Reach platform executes all the predictive steps and makes it simple and foolproof so marketers can predict outcomes without needing to overly rely on scientists. The platform fuses simplicity with power. For example, the platform doesn’t rely on users maintaining a hyper-clean database, nor does it require much of their customer data in order to create accurate models. Each record in the input file simply needs to consist of either a name and physical addresses combination, or just an email address. This means marketers can input past campaign results to build models, get responder profiles and access top responders with just a few clicks of a mouse.

“Marketers are on the hook for every dollar they spend. Our technology lets them acquire more new customers and get better response rates, with less time and money. That’s a huge win,” said Bruno Delahaye, CEO at Reach Analytics. “Our predictive platform is a true self-service option for consumer-facing marketers that come with both power and transparency.”

You can request a demo now to see the new features.