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Reach’s Cloud Predictive Marketing Grows Significantly in 2017

2017 was a big year for marketing AI. It was the year we lifted B2C predictive marketing into the cloud and the year both consumers and marketers really got a glimpse of the potential of marketing AI in general. We’ve seen predictions that AI will transform entire industries and we’ve been warned that it could one day take over the world.

You couldn’t go to a trade show this year without stumbling into a conversation or panel about the future of AI and how it has changed our marketing landscape. AI was even named the 2017 Marketing Word of the Year and industry leaders now seem to agree that AI is poised to revolutionize the marketing industry by 2020.

And while we’re not sure when AI will take over the world, it’s certainly taking over marketing and consumer targeting. (We should know, we make AI-assisted consumer targeting software for marketers, after all.)

What we do know is that Reach Analytics experienced explosive growth in our predictive cloud business in 2017 and welcomed a collection of new customers including brands and agencies such as: The Smithsonian Institution; Salem One, Inc.; Fry Communications, Inc.; Trumaker, Inc., and more.

We’re very excited to see companies find great value in easy, cloud-based predictive targeting for new customer acquisition and response optimization.

You can CHECK OUT THE PRESS RELEASE for full details about our new customer announcement.

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