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Reach provides agencies with full predictive consumer targeting capabilities, in a plug-and-play format, so you can offer predictive marketing as a new service to clients. Reach's predictive software is available in grey label to offer as a unique agency technology. By identifying consumers most likely to become customers, agencies with Reach predictive can generate real purchase results for clients, not just topline media metrics like clicks and costly leads that don’t buy. Unlike DMPs, we give you total control by providing access to real consumer data (including name, address, email, and phone) for improved customer acquisition, retention across offline and online channels.
White Label
The Reach platform is available as full white label build, hosted in a custom cloud for data providers and enterprise grade instances. Providing data to customers is now a commodity. It's crucial to generate value-added services and that is what AI does, enabling you to sell smarter data to end-customers. Reach is able to ingest your house data then analyzes and classifies variables, and creates a variable dictionary with descriptions. We are able to launch a custom predictive cloud instance for your organization typically within 2-3 weeks.
Reach's official reseller program allows resellers to purchase products for your customers directly as an approved reseller of Reach and receive applicable discounts, with no set end-customer markup limits. You can even grey label if you wish with your brand. Reach resellers are entirely responsible for billing and supporting your end-clients. As a reseller, you will have access to our client success team. With Reach, you can differentiate your marketing service offering with self-service predictive analytics that allows your clients to identify people most likely to be customers and respond to campaigns.
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The Reach For Agencies Program is everything you need to deploy predictive consumer targeting as an agency capability and revenue generator.
Offer industry-leading predictive capabilities that set your shop apart from the crowd.
Make your smart people even smarter. Start fast with plug-and-play managed service and move capabilities in house with predictive skills training.
Build your business by creating more tangible business results for your clients and access to exclusive CPM pricing on the very best hyper-targeted, modeled names.
Become a Predictive Expert Agency
Offer predictive consumer targeting as a new marketing and service for clients.

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