Ben Barenholtz

VP Marketing & Communications

As the head of marketing, Ben is responsible for the promotion of the company and its innovative predictive marketing cloud platform.

He oversees strategic initiatives across all the marketing things including: brand, content, design, email, media relations, paid advertising, events, partner marketing and more, and more, and more. When he’s not busy showing the world how Reach Analytics is revolutionizing customer acquisition for B2C brands, you’ll find him outdoors with his Samoyed, likely on a mountain bike or skis.

Prior to Reach Analytics, Ben ran global marketing and communications at the technology marketing company, DWA, building and executing strategic marketing initiatives. Ben also previously served at a boutique management consulting firm, helping Fortune 50 brands like Coca-Cola and Dell solve problems from brand activation to innovation strategy, as well as worked in ad and marketing tech communications and global PR.

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